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When you’re looking to tackle a business issue or build new business capabilities, it’s hugely important to review your existing business processes so you can be clear about where your business is now and where you want to take it.

The urgency to build a new IT solution can overshadow the real challenge of understanding the current issues properly; investment of time and resources in the analysis phase of a project can help ensure that the final solution implemented realises tangible benefits for the organisation and does not simply result in the exchange of an old problem for a new problem.

Rivercrossing can help you deliver benefits for your organisation through the thorough analysis of issues to get at the root cause of problems. There are many techniques and tools that can be used to analyse needs and structure requirements.

Tools at our disposal to help your business

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Rivercrossing organises and facilitates workshops to better understand your business processes and the best way forward. Workshops serve to create a shared understanding of the business as-is and to-be.
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Stakeholder Interviews

A methodical, thorough investigation into the needs and wants of the business’ stakeholders provides a clear picture of the business at present and moving forward.
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User Case Modelling

Designing processes that meet business and user needs is the foundation of successful change. User case modelling is one proven technique can help us elicit and specify the unique requirements of your system.
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Screen Design Mockups

Rivercrossing provides high-fidelity screen mockups that allow all stakeholders and developers to see the application and request changes, without the need for a redevelopment.

The success of these tools, hinges on the quality of the analyst undertaking the work and the commitment of the organisation to change. At Rivercrossing we have access to some of the best analysts around, so if you are committed to change, then we can help get you where you need to go.

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Consulting & Contracting

Rivercrossing provides independent business and IT consultancy and contract professionals. We provide contractors to client organisations to lead and support the delivery of IT and Business change programmes. Contractors can work both on-site or off-site depending on client requirements. Learn More
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Rivercrossing works with clients to deliver on business and technology change. Project management tools and techniques are core to delivery of successful change programmes and help ensure client expectations are grounded on proper analysis and realistic planning. Learn more

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