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Rivercrossing provides independent business and IT consultancy and contract professionals. We provide contractors to client organisations to lead and support the delivery of IT and Business change programmes. Contractors can work both on-site or off-site depending on client requirements.

Our contractors have a wide variety of skillsets

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Business Analysis

When you’re looking to tackle a business issue or build new business capabilities, it’s hugely important to review your existing business processes so you can be clear about where your business is now and where you want to take it.
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Project Management

We believe the appropriate use of project management techniques can greatly enhance a project delivery, but care is also needed to ensure the process don’t detract from the true business goal of delivering project.
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Solution Design and Delivery

Comprehensively designing a solution to suit your business needs is imperative to its success, as is the delivery of that solution. At Rivercrossing, our consultants are experienced in tailoring a solution and delivering it effectively.
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Testing Services

Our consultants provide a thorough testing service to ensure that your IT solution meets the standards that you have set.

and experience in a diverse range of industries

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Rivercrossing has provided consultancy and contracting services to the Environmental Regulator since 2009 and has built up extensive experience in the Environmental sector. We have analysed and designed solutions to solve many complex regulatory challenges.
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We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Water sector. We have analysed and designed national solutions to support complex challenges such as the Water Framework Directive, Domestic Waste Water and Bathing Water regulations.
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Working with government departments, agencies and public sector bodies, we have helped to assess new regulations and design business processes and IT solutions to meet the unique organisational and sectoral requirements.
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Rivercrossing can help you solve real business challenges utilising our industry knowledge and insight. We have a proven record of delivering the right solution to solve complex issues and helping our clients realise their strategic goals.

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Rivercrossing can help your team and project deliver benefits for your organisation, through the thorough analysis of issues to get at the root cause of problems. There are many techniques and tools that can be used to analyse issues and gather future requirements Learn More
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Rivercrossing works with clients to deliver on business and technology change. Project management tools and techniques are core to delivery of successful change programmes and help ensure client expectations are grounded on proper analysis and realistic planning. Learn more

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